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Osmanthus Blossom Oolong Tea Explained

Osmanthus Blossom Oolong is a wonderful oolong tea which has been blended and made using Ruan Zhi high mountain oolong as the base.

Ruan Zhi oolong is a highly floral green tea from Taiwan.

For this tea, once Ruan Zhi has been processed, it is immediately blended with Osmanthus Blossoms.

The blossoms are then stored and closed in sacks for two days to absorb the flowery aroma.

Osmanthus (“Gui Hua” in Chinese) is an aromatic tree with a lovely apricot-peach floral fragrance.

Much like Organic Jasmine Green Tea, the blossoms are sieved & removed to reduce any bitterness.

Together, Osmanthus and Oolong produce a match made in heaven.

The taste is fresh, sweet and tangy with an osmanthus flavour of true flowery depth.

Osmanthus is a must try for oolong tea connoiseurs!

Brewing Guide

Leaf: Oolong Tea

Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup

Brew: 2-3 Mins

Temperature: 75-80°c


Oolong Tea, Osmanthus Blossom

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