Different Sized Tea Egg Infusers

Tea Egg Infuser Different sized tea egg infusers suitable for most teapots and teacups. The two halves lock together with a twist mechanism. There is a hooked chain you can use to hold the item in suspension in the brew. … Read More

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100x Paper Tea Filters with Stick

Loose Tea Filters Size Small These tea filters are ideal for that true tea experience but with the convenience of a tea bag. Suitable for all types of tea. Each tea bag is 10cm tall x 7.5cm  x 4.5cm with … Read More

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Loose Tea Infuser (Two Handles)

Silver Loose Tea Infuser Our silver tea infuser has two handles and is ideal for making your favorite brew in your teacup or teapot. This infuser can be used for various leaf sizes.

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Tea & Coffee Brewing Basket

Ultra mesh brewing basket (infuser) which is perfect for holding all loose leaf teas.   Due to the fine webbing of the mesh, little bits of tea find it hard to escape into the cup.   The lid  also allows prevents … Read More

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