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Winter solstice, also called midwinter or Yule tide, is the pendant to midsummer and symbolises hope.

The period of the zodiac signs of Capricornia to Gemini.

However, since the four elements of the twelve astrological zodiac signs air, earth, fire and water comprise the second half of the year, we are certain that the warm flavours of caramelised pomegranate in combination with the wintry spices are also a real indulgence and bright spot for the signs of Cancer to Sagittarius.

The stars are in your favour!

Comments from some of our customers:

"Great tea. Great service. We will be back". - Jethro A, Chocolate Orange Twist Rooibos

"Have bought this tea several times. Probably the best we have tasted. Superb quality". - Sue T, Masala Chai Organic Black Tea

"Always great service,quick postage and great product. TTC is our new go to tea shop." - Mark B, Tea Infuser

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Winter Solstice Fruit Tea Benefits:

  • Works great as an iced tea! 
  • Caffeine Free
  • Contains natural ingredients

Brewing Instructions:

Take a large teaspoon (or 2 grams) of our Winter Solstice Fruit Tea and place into a tea infuser.

Boil the kettle until it reaches 100°C. Leave the infuser in a teapot or tea cup for 5-10 mins.

Remove the infuser and enjoy a delicious cup of tea

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apple pieces, orange peel, hibiscus blossoms, blackberry leaves, sliced almonds, carrot shreds, star aniseed, cinnamon rods, silver linden blossoms, flavouring, freeze-dried cranberry slices, pomegranate arils, peony petals.

Warning: packed in an environment which contains nuts