Are you looking for a new tea supplier? Would you like to open a tea wholesale account? We provide loose leaf tea and biodegradable pyramid tea bags for trade customers at trade prices. View some of the products we can offer below:

Wholesale Loose Leaf Tea

Our loose leaf teas are packed with delicious flavour and natural ingredients. Discover ingredients such as pretty blue flowers, dried cut ginger pieces and real rose petals. Whether it’s a wholesale green tea, black tea or white tea, there’s something for everyone. Loose leaf tea offers an aroma and scent which cannot be found in traditional teas. Choosing loose leaf tea for wholesale is a perfect option if you’re looking to provide more of a romantic side to serving tea at your establishment. Visit the link below to see our range of wholesale loose leaf tea:

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Meet The Founder of True Tea Co.

My name is Matt and I started the company in 2017 with the original intention of supplying loose leaf tea for customers and trade accounts. But later on down the line, we soon decided to move on to producing tea bags as well as loose leaf tea. Things weren't so easy from the start as me and my brother would hand pack every tea bag using a heat press, which would burn out more often than not! Now we are now fortunate enough to be using a tea bag packing machine which can pack up to 1,000 environmentally friendly tea bags per hour! If you're looking to open a trade account with us, be sure to get in touch today!

Wholesale Pyramid Tea Bags

We have over 20 different flavours in pyramid tea bag format for wholesale tea customers. Choose from a green tea, earl grey, peppermint or even a mango shaker black tea. All of our tea bags for wholesale have been packed with loose leaf tea and are made from biodegradable materials. This means customers can enjoy a whole and rich flavour whilst making a difference to the environment. Wholesale tea bags are perfect for establishments with a high turn around of customers - such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. Visit the link below to see our range:

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Branded Glass Display Jars

Our branded glass display jars look amazing for storing loose leaf tea and pyramid tea bags inside. There is nothing better than being able to show off your tea collection in colour co-ordinated jars. We certainly think tea is something that should not be hidden away from your customers. Especially when your tea collection will be so bright and colourful. Our tea jars look fantastic in bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants. Our branded tea jars are also air tight, meaning no flavour or freshness will escape!

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