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Discover Gunpowder Tea

Minty Fresh Gunpowder Green Tea consists of a Gunpowder tea base which is a speciality Chinese green tea. Like all true tea it derives from the Camellia Sinesis tea plant. This green tea is produced with great skill in China’s Zhejiang Province, where it is also known as Zhu Cha (i.e. Pearl Tea). Gunpowder tea is a green tea which has been rolled into small pellets.  And it’s name itself comes from its resemblance to gunpowder pellets. As the common legend suggest soldiers' and sailors' believed gunpowder green tea resembled their own ammunition's gunpowder. 

Alongside this, it is believed to be called gunpowder because the green tea "explodes" into a full leaf when steeped in hot water. When it “explodes” or more appropriately, unfurls in hot water, it releases a delicious rich roasted flavour.  Another name for gunpowder green tea is pearl or bead tea.

Earlier forms of gunpowder green tea were hand rolled but now its mostly a machine’s job.  How it worked in the beginning was the tea leaves would be picked by hand and then withered in the sun to remove any moisture, then the leaves would be steamed and rolled by hand into tiny pellets - and whilst doing this, it was important not to break the leaf itself.  But, some higher grade gunpowder green tea is still hand rolled to this day.

Essentially it’s believed larger pellets consist of a lower quality green tea leaf and smaller pellets consist of a higher quality green tea leaf. Furthermore, good quality green tea is believed to be tightly rolled and have a shiny surface which is a resemblance of its true freshness.

The method of rolling tea leaves is believed to be similar to that of oolong teas. Ultimately, by hand rolling the tea leaves, the gunpowder green tea can stay fresher longer than other teas - subsequently enhancing flavour and aroma. And this is true even though its said gunpowder green tea consists of larger and older tea leaves.

Minty Fresh Gunpowder

Chinese gunpowder green tea is the preferred tea used to make classic Moroccan mint tea.  Our Minty Fresh Gunpowder Green Tea is specially blended with nana mint (i.e. Moroccan mint).  When the tiny green tea gunpowder pellets combine with nana mint you get a refreshing beverage which is perfect hot or cold.  Minty Fresh Gunpowder is a sweet and delicious tea; which has a menthol taste which helps clear the airwaves and relax the mind. Add sugar or honey for a traditional minty fresh moroccan brew! 


Origin: China

Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup

Brew: 20 Seconds

Temperature: 75-80°c


Green tea, mint, natural flavouring

Yay! This item is suitable for vegans

Warning: packed in an environment that contains nuts