Assam TGFOP ‘Smokey’ Fu Soonga Black Tea (No.55)


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Assam TGFOP 'Smokey' Fu Soonga Explained

Assam Fu Soonga is a smokey black tea which has been produced in the Golagath District at the Hatidubi Tea Factory.

The term “Fu” means to blow and “Soonga” means cane.

Fu Soonga is a popular cooking method in Assam where young, green bamboo shoots are filled with foods and cooked over hot fires.

The popular cooking method was adopted by tea producers in an experiment where they decided to blow smoke from burning timber through bamboo canes onto drying tea leaves.

Instead of being burned over chinese pine wood like Lapsang Souchong, this Assam leaf is smoked with local woods from India.

This would result in India’s first smokey Assam black tea, but not as strong as China’s Lapsang Souchong.

Assam Fu Soonga has light smoky notes with muscat tones and is a must try for smokey tea lovers.

Brewing Guide

Origin: Assam, India

Leaf: Black Tea

Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup

Brew: 3-5 Mins

Temperature: 100°c


100% Black Tea 

YAY! This item is suitable for Vegans

Warning: packed in an environment that contains nuts.