Black Pearls Gunpowder Tea (No.52)


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Black Pearls Gunpowder Tea Explained

Black Gunpowder Tea (also known as “Black Pearls”) is a rare, extraordinary infusion from the Eastern part of the Chinese Province of Fujian.

The name ‘Gunpowder Tea’ refers to the small pellets of tea which are said to resemble the gunpowder used by British Battleships in the 19th century.

Although Gunpowder Tea is traditionally made with green tea leaves, the leaves for this infusion are left to ferment until they become a black tea.

Through traditional methods, the tea leaves are carefully rolled by hand and shaped into shining black pearls which unfurl once infused.

The finished result is a Black Gunpowder Tea which is wonderfully aromatic, mild and full-bodied in taste with slight notes of smokiness.

Brewing Guide

Origin: China 

Leaf: Black Tea

Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup

Brew: 3-5 Mins

Temperature: 100°c


100% Gunpowder Black Tea

YAY! This item is suitable for Vegans