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Jasmine Chung Hao Green Tea Explained

Jasmine Chung Hao Green Tea was originally reserved for the Chinese Imperial Court in former times.

The tea leaf has striking silver tips and is an exceptionally high quality half-fermented green tea.

To create this tea, only fresh jasmine blossoms are used which bloom and unfurl the same day they are picked.

Whilst they unfurl, a wonderful jasmine aroma is released into the air.

To produce Chung Hao, fresh jasmine blossoms are first layered on top of the green tea leaves for 2-3 days.

The jasmine blossoms are then removed after the tea leaves have absorbed the jasmine scent.

By removing jasmine blossoms from the green tea leaves, it produces a delicately light and refreshing tea without bitterness.

Brewing Guide

Leaf: Green Tea

Teaspoon: 1 Per Cup

Brew: 1-3 Mins

Temperature: 75-80°c


Green Tea, Jasmine Blossoms

YAY! This item is suitable for Vegans

Warning: packed in an environment that contains nuts