Masala Chai Pyramid Tea Bags


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  • Masala Chai Black Tea
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Masala Chai Pyramid Tea Bags (Plastic Free)

Masala Chai is a traditional blend of herbs and spices with black tea.

Expect to find cinnamon, ginger, fennel, whole aniseed and cloves.

Masala Chai provides a smooth and mild taste.

Perfect on its own or with milk, especially to create a Chai Latte.

Our tea bags are machine packed in the production room of our Harrogate tea store.

Brewing Guide

Origin: India

Leaf: Black Tea

Brew: 3-5 Minutes

Temperature: 100°c


Black tea, cinnamon, ginger bits, fennel, whole aniseed, cloves, black peppercorns, cloves, chicory roots, cardamom seeds, whole cardamom.

Bonus: No added flavouring.

YAY! This item is suitable for Vegans

Warning: packed in an environment which contains nuts. 

Are your tea bags compostable?

Our pyramid tea bags are plant based and 100% compostable.

They're made from PLA (polyatic acid) which originates from organic sources.

Masala Chai Tea Bags can be placed into your compost heap or disposed at a local recycling centre.

Discover Chai Tea

Some stories note that masala chai was invented by a royal king in the ancient courts of India.

Chai is a popular Indian beverage and it is estimated that over 900,000 tons of Chai are consumed in the country every year. Specifically, the term “Chai” is Hindi for “tea” which originates from the Chinese word, “cha”.

Cha refers to traditional tea which is produced from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant; most notably, white, green and black tea. In the west, the term “chai” is commonly associated with masala chai.

Masala means a ‘mix of spices’ and masala chai (i.e. spiced tea) can be produced with a number of ingredients. The variation of ingredients can differ from cultures, towns, generations and families.

Allegedly it was created as a healing spice to consume during Ayurveda - a traditional healing ceremony for Hindus.

In particular, Masala Chai may include: black tea, milk, cardamon pods, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, star anise, cloves, saffron and fennel.

Nevertheless, other ingredients could consist of chocolate, cocoa and vanilla.

It is no surprise that chai is enjoyed from all corners of life and can be relished in the morning, afternoon and evening.

For an alternative chai tea, there is also Turmeric Chai Kick, Masala Chai Rooibos or Pu-Erh Earth Chai