Japanese Style Kyusu Teapot with Infuser (400ml)


  • Japanese Style Kyusu Teapot (400ml)
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Japanese Style Kyusu Teapot (400ml)
Japanese Kyusu's are traditional Japanese teapots which are used in Japanese tea ceremonies with the preparation of green tea.
The term Kyusu means teapot in Japanese and can typically be seen with a side handle, although this is not essential.
Japanese Kyusu's are made of a special clay which is believed to absorb the flavour and enhance the brew quality with time.
The Kyusu comes with a strainer which allows plenty of room for the tea leaves to expand and develop their fullest aroma and flavour.
We also have a matching teacup available which can be purchased separately or with a Kyusu Teapot as a set on the product listing.
Although you can brew all teas with the Kyusu teapot, we recommend the following green teas to use with this Kyusu Style Teapot:
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